At Long Last: Lovers Again

As John watched Natalie step off the train, he couldn’t help flashing back to the last time they had seen each other, five years ago. They knew they would be parting and tried to make the most of their last night together, but the passion they had shared had just left him aching for more. As Natalie finally stepped down onto the platform and looked up, her eyes immediately locked onto John’s and they were right back in that hotel room. He had booked the same room, hoping to reignite the passion, but the heat that exploded between them made it evident he needn’t have worried.

“It’s been too long. I can’t wait to hear everything that has been going on with you,” she said.

“I know, me too. Not much has changed. Let’s get to the hotel so we can catch up.”

As they drove through the rain slick streets toward the hotel both could not stop squirming in their seats, as if uncomfortable. It wasn’t shyness or awkwardness though; the desire they were both feeling was almost too much to bear.

They finally arrived at the hotel and the check-in process and ride up to their floor was like sweet torture, until they finally arrived at their door. Even as the door was opening they were moving into each other’s arms, stripping off wet coats and shoes. As they stood in the vestibule, John gently pushed her against the door, his whole body moving into her, his erection pressing against her sensitive spots through their clothing.

As they frantically kissed each other’s mouths, faces and necks, they clumsily removed their clothing. Now completely naked they moved into the room until they were at the edge of the bed. Natalie sat on the bed and before he could do anything else, she gently drew him toward her and took his hard dick in her hand. He began to moan as her hand gently stroked up and down and he nearly came completely undone as she drew his length into her hot, wet mouth. As she moved her hand and mouth along his shaft he bent forward until he could reach her breasts. He stroked and squeezed the lovely globes and gently drew her nipples between his fingers, making them hard.

He could feel himself teetering on the edge so he gently pulled her off of his cock and lowered her down until she was laying on the bed. John knelt at the edge of the bed and drew her legs apart, spreading her thighs wide so she was completely open to him. His tongue started at her knee and slowly worked up toward her hot, moist entrance. As his tongue gently tickled her most sensitive bud, he could taste her desire.

He knew her sounds so well and could tell she was close to the edge so he backed away before laying down on the bed and drawing her on top of him. As her legs settled on either side of hips, she slowly lowered herself onto his cock. Her tight wetness yielded to his velvet hardness in the same way it had years ago.

Spreading her legs further, she took him completely into her until he was buried in her to his hilt. She began moving slowly at first but soon it was too much to take and she began to move faster and harder on him. He grabbed her ass and jack knifed off the bed, matching her movements, driving himself deeply into her with each thrust.

As her breasts bobbed up and down, she reached up and began teasing the nipples. The sight nearly undid him and he began moving rapidly, panting frantically, and her rhythm increased with her passion. As the tempo increased to a furious pitch, he could feel each thrust of his cock throughout his whole body. Again, again, again, again…. until the wave crashed over both of them and they screamed their release simultaneously.

“Did you miss me?” she asked jokingly.

“Hah, not one bit,” he teased.

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